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Éttermi rendszer hagyományos éttermeknek

traditional restaurants

Éttermi rendszer gyorséttermeknek

fast food

Éttermi szoftver büféknek, mozgó étel árusoknak

buffets, mobile vendors

Pincérprogram kávézóknak


Éttermi rendszer cukrászdáknak


Pincérprogram sörözőknak, borozóknak, kocsmáknak, bároknak

pubs, bars, taverns

Pincérprogram pizzériáknak


Vendéglátó program moziknak


Vendéglátó rendszer zenés-táncos szórakozóhelyeknek

entertainment venues


We know and understand exactly what your difficulties are, we offer solutions

NTAK adatszolgáltatás jogszabály ellenőrzés a vendéglátásban

Another piece of legislation is coming your way: NTAK data reporting*

We totally understand if you feel like this is a pain in the ass. But the black-and-white reality is that you have to decide: comply or be punished, with possible further negative consequences.

Previously the introduction of the cash register, now this. Whereas you used to be able to manage your costs more loosely, you managed 'smartly', now with the tax costs of ever stricter legislation you either become more efficient, go bankrupt because of the expenses, or have the state close your restaurant. The old "gut" math will no longer work here.

*From 1 July 2023, the legislation in force requires catering businesses to provide daily statistical data to the NTAK (Daily Statistical Data Centre). This means that businesses must ensure that they have the software to provide the data.

Növekvő nyersanyagárak a vendéglátók, éttermek körében

Rapidly changing, rising raw material prices

If you can't price your products well and keep track of how much profit you are making on each product, the costs will eat up your revenue.

You need to know exactly where to raise the price, which products you should choose a different raw material, which products you should take off the list completely, and which products you should "push" because they have the biggest margins. You may be on top of your game in the kitchen, but if you want a successful business, you've got to get the maths right. Luckily, we have an excellent solution for that.

Rossz minőségű éttermi pincér alkalmazott munkaerő, kontroll hiánya

Filtering out unqualified, dishonest employees

If you don't have a proper system behind you and you're not always present, it's hard to keep track of what's going on in your restaurant. Employees who play right into this can abuse the situation.

If you can't be present in your restaurant yourself, only a well-designed system can keep track of what's happening for you. It's worth having a clear view of what's happening in your restaurant when you're not there.

Leterhelt, frusztrált munkatársak, éttermi pincér alkalmazottak

Underperforming, overworked staff, staff shortages

If the working conditions are not right, the performance of the employees will automatically be worse, which can ultimately lead to dismissal.

For example, it makes a difference if the waiter has to work in a paperless, manual environment, where every little detail has to be kept in mind, noted down, more brain work is needed, or he may have to walk miles more because of poor kitchen-waiter communication. Or, thanks to the professional system, the work is more comfortable, the waiter does a better job, with better quality, better mood, which the customers feel and want to come back.

We all understand this…

We understand that it is increasingly difficult to stay on your feet in these circumstances.

This is why we developed our EatWithMe online restaurant system, which has been successfully used throughout Hungary for years.

With our hospitality programme you can say goodbye to all these difficulties.

With EatWithMe restaurant software, a whole new world opens up for you!

A legjobb éttermi szoftver program vendéglátóknak

Exactly the way you want it

"We put the customer first" is not just an empty phrase. We are constantly developing our catering programme based on the needs and requests of our restaurant owners. We also do our best to offer a helping hand.

Bármilyen bonyolult rendelést képes kezelni az EatWiithMe éttermi rendszer

No impossible order

You can efficiently manage even the most complex orders with this restaurant software, from product variability, to kitchen track coordination, to easy invoicing.

Időt és pénzt nyersz az éttermi programmal

Save time, save money

No more lengthy catering administration. With just a few clicks, you can see everything in the waiter program, in context. This information can also help you make business decisions.

Felhő alapú éttermi szoftver - PC-ről, tabletről, telefonról bárhonnan kényelmesen eléred

Convenience and security: anywhere, anytime, from any device

With the cloud-based restaurant system, you can see everything from Bali. It's easy to use from your computer, tablet or phone, even in the event of a local internet or power outage. As opposed to a locally installed restaurant system that needs to be operated separately.

Boldog pincérek és vendégek profi pincérprogrammal

Happier employee = Better performance = Happier guests

Waiters will have to concentrate less, be less overwhelmed, feel better, be nicer to guests, and receive tips, which will make them even more enthusiastic. And the happy circle starts all over again.

Több vendéged és bevételed lesz az éttermi rendszerrel

Happier guests = More guests = More profit

With the EatWithMe waiter software, the guest has to wait less (for the order, the food, the bill) and gets exactly what he or she asked for. Even if he varies his order. You'll have a returning guest and a reputation to uphold.

A pincérporgrammal teljes kontrollod lesz az éttermed felett

You get full control in your hands

Whether it's keeping track of your ingredients, what's worth it, what's not, where and how to adjust prices, or even how to control your employees... You'll be the eye of Sauron, who sees everything.

EathWithMe - Az olcsó éttermi szoftver alacsony büdzsével rendelkező vendéglátóknak

You can get started at minimal cost and extremely cheaply

If you are a small catering business on a tight budget, we have a solution for you. With our restaurant system tablet + cash register hardware combo, you can comply with the law while becoming more efficient, even as a small business.

100% legal compliance with NTAK data reporting

Because of the cloud-based implementation, the data reporting and legal compliance is completely taken over by this waiter program. The process is centrally managed, so you don't have to do a thing.

Maybe you’re only switching now because of the new NTAK data reporting legislation.
But if you try it, you’ll love it! You and your wallet will too. And so will your guests. And your waiters 🙂

Dazzling restaurant software solutions for you, your staff and your guests

Detailed and intelligent table map = fast, efficient and error-free order management

Waiters can see the status of tables in real time. Colour codes and icons provide instant information. At any time, you can remove, add, disable tables or switch between preset layouts at the touch of a button. EatWithMe’s table view not only administers, but also helps, warns and guides your staff.

ÉOur restaurant software displays all the information you need on a single screen, so there’s less for restaurant staff to remember and no need to switch between screens. For example, you can see the status of all the tables (for several rooms) and the delivery orders from the webshop on one screen.

It tells you if, for example, the order has not been taken or served for a long time, or that the order for table 5 is in the kitchen. So even with less experienced waiters, the dining experience will be better than with professionals elsewhere.

At a glance, you can see in the restaurant programme that:

  • Which tables are occupied
  • Which tables are where with the catches
  • Which tables will become available soonest
  • Which tables are under pay
  • Which tables are delayed (e.g. waiting above average time for their order)

Cashier-based order management for faster service

Fast, error-free and efficient order handling for all kinds of exceptional cases. More efficient operation even with less competent staff. The kitchen can have its own block. More sales with smart ads on the customer side screen.

In addition, a single system handles both desktop and high-street orders, so you don’t need a separate terminal to handle them, you can launch both from the same terminal.

Pre-booking, with help and support functions

It makes recording quick and easy. Enter the period and the number of people and leave the rest to the system. Or, if you prefer, you can override the system’s decisions at any time.

  • Tables can also be combined, e.g. for larger groups. In such cases, you should inform your waiters in advance of any changes to the table layout.
  • It shows which tables are occupied, when they are occupied, and which tables will soon be a problem if the guest does not leave on time, so there is still time to deal with the situation, either by moving the reservation to another table or by rushing the guest.

Uniquely flexible recipe and stock management without dedicated people and time

You can clearly see which products are profitable and how much is consumed, as it automatically reduces the stock of ingredients based on recipes (even if there is a deviation from the original recipe), even back in time from the time the administration is done. All this without a dedicated person.

You can do the administration when it’s convenient for you, save money while making it error-free. And your guests will thank you for it.

The basic problem with a classic restaurant system is that a strict, defined order of administration must be followed. If something is accidentally left out or recorded incorrectly, the whole result will be incorrect and cannot be corrected retrospectively. Such a process requires a dedicated person and strict rules must be followed throughout the restaurant, which also makes it difficult to create a good guest experience.

In the EatWithMe catering software, you can modify recipes and receipts back in time, recalculate ingredient usage and stock levels. Once modified, the system recalculates everything, even months in the past. So any errors can be corrected even afterwards in this waiter program.

Even without a dedicated person for this task:

  • You’ll know how much of what you have in your restaurant, how much your stock is worth, and how much you’re making (or losing) on each product overall.
  • You will see how your profits evolve with rising commodity prices.
  • You can see what’s happening in your restaurant, whether it’s really only the ingredients your guests are consuming…
  • It will be clear to you for which products it would be worthwhile to increase or decrease prices, or even to remove a product from the menu.
  • Better and more accurate results are obtained than with the traditional solution.

Cash register integration ➤ Fast and error-free recording

It enables fast service by eliminating the need to re-enter orders already entered into the cash register, so employees can’t forget or enter sales data incorrectly. This avoids penalties and gives you peace of mind.

The number of supported cash registers is constantly growing. Currently supported cash registers are Fiscat, Cashbox, CashCube, Sam4s, Micra-Jota, Sento

Balanced stand for easy and perfect beverage measurement

The restaurant software automatically manages the stock based on the recipe set. The computer, connected to a digital scale and barcode reader, accurately displays the contents of the opened bottle in 1-2 seconds, without the use of a measuring bottle or “drink stand”.

  • You don’t need cylinders, stand cards and other such tools
  • No quality deterioration
  • No droplet loss
  • No additional administration
  • No more bumps
  • Simple and precise
  • Quick and practical

Built-in webshop, home delivery, takeaway, courier

For other restaurant systems, you would need to spend several 100.000 HUF for custom development to get these features. With EatWithMe restaurant software, you can get it for next to nothing. You can also use the customer database built up here for cost-effective marketing purposes.

In addition, if you request at least 2 extra features on top of the basic package, we will give you the webshop for FREE!

Additional features

non-exhaustive list

Reservations and ordering

It is also quick and easy to add multi-course orders.
It is also easy to customise food and even recalculate the price. What customers experience: flexible, precise and accurate service.

Kitchen block printing

The block is optimised for all tracks. On the block, it is highlighted what needs to be done on that particular track. Starters, main courses, desserts, all clearly separated, with clear instructions to help you in the kitchen.

Foodpanda és Wolt integráció, automatikus rendelés szinkronizálás
Foodora and Wolt integration

With just a few clicks of a button, orders placed on Foodora and Wolt will all appear in your restaurant system. Kitchen receipts and payment details are generated automatically, so there’s no need to administer orders in both systems.

Összetett online éttermi rendszer

– you may be thinking to yourself.

It might seem complex at first, and we understand if you feel that way. However…

In a 1-hour live online demonstration, our stakeholders have so far fully understood the software and all doubts about the effectiveness and undeniable benefits of the EatWithMe restaurant system have been dispelled.

Our hospitality software also includes additional features to make your restaurant super-efficient and profitable. But it’s easier and better if you can see it for yourself.

Book an appointment for a free live online demonstration!

In the long run, your profit will be determined primarily by the satisfaction of your guests.
EatWithMe’s professional restaurant system allows you to do just that.

Come and take a closer look!

We stand by you with all our heart and soul, helping you in everything

Felhő alapú éttermi rendszer fejlesztése csapatban
Szívvel-lélekkel dolgozunk az éttermi rendszer fejlesztésén
Többet és többet adunk az online éttermi szoftverünkben
Éttermi rendszer fejlesztéshez sok kávé kell :)

As a frequent restaurant visitor, I have seen the childhood illnesses of many restaurants with and without catering systems. There have been many times when I would have spent more if they had a good restaurant system behind them to give me a good guest experience. However, in many cases this was not the case. And that’s not really good for the restaurant or the customer.

To eliminate these mistakes, we created EatWithMe catering software to create a win-win situation where the restaurant owner and staff, as well as the guests, are happier and more satisfied.

We take this restaurant programme very seriously.

That’s why we do everything we can to ensure our customers are as satisfied as possible. For example, because we are usually the best at interpreting analytics, we often help our clients with this without being asked.

We are constantly improving our waiter programme. Based on our own ideas and on requests from our customers. Many of our developments have been recognised by restaurant owners as revolutionary innovations.

We listen to our customers’ problems, listen sympathetically to all their needs and try to find the best solution as soon as possible.

For us, too, the real joy is when our customers’ restaurants are successful.

Szász Csaba

creator of the EatWithMe online restaurant system

Többet és többet adunk az online éttermi szoftverünkben
Szívvel-lélekkel dolgozunk az éttermi rendszer fejlesztésén
Felhő alapú éttermi rendszer fejlesztése csapatban
Éttermi rendszer fejlesztéshez sok kávé kell :)
Felhő alapú éttermi rendszer fejlesztése ügyfél igények alapján
Folyamatosan fejlesztjük az EatWithMe éttermi rendszert
Az EatWithMe éttermi rendszernél folyamatosan támogatjuk ügyfeleinket

We have already been chosen by many restaurants in Budapest and in the countryside, in a big city or in a village.
Among them, many are busy restaurants with 40-50 tables, 8-10 waiters, up to 5 courses, but small buffets and pubs have also found their number with us.

They also use the EatWithMe restaurant system:

We also have 12 resellers who communicate the value created by the EatWithMe hospitality programme and can help you locally.

Emellett 6 viszonteladónk is közvetíti az EatWithMe vendéglátó program által megteremtett értékeket, akik ráadásul helyileg is tudnak segíteni neked.

Mindezt a TE igényeidre szabva!

This cloud-based, online restaurant system is a first-class choice...

Éttermi rendszer hagyományos éttermeknek

traditional restaurants

Pincérprogram kávézóknak


Pincérprogram pizzériáknak


Éttermi rendszer gyorséttermeknek

fast food

Éttermi rendszer cukrászdáknak


Vendéglátó program moziknak


Éttermi szoftver büféknek, mozgó étel árusoknak

buffets, mobile vendors

Pincérprogram sörözőknak, borozóknak, kocsmáknak, bároknak

pubs, bars, taverns

Vendéglátó rendszer zenés-táncos szórakozóhelyeknek

entertainment venues

Éttermi rendszer hagyományos éttermeknek

hagyományos éttermek

Pincérprogram kávézóknak


Éttermi szoftver büféknek, mozgó étel árusoknak

büfék, mozgó árusok

Vendéglátó program moziknak


Vendéglátó rendszer zenés-táncos szórakozóhelyeknek


Éttermi rendszer gyorséttermeknek


Éttermi rendszer cukrászdáknak


Pincérprogram sörözőknak, borozóknak, kocsmáknak, bároknak

sörözők, bárok, kocsmák

Pincérprogram pizzériáknak


Our restaurant system proven to work for small and large catering outlets,
restaurantsbuffetscinemasa la carte restaurants or “configure your own” options.
Works with both optical internet and mobile internet.
On professional devices or just a simple tablet.
With professional restaurant managers and for first-time restaurant openers.

Almost every case has happened.

See how it can help you specifically with our free demonstration!

How much does EatWithMe restaurant software cost?

The monthly fee for the basic package includes the most common restaurant program features you’ll need.

In addition, we have a one-off training fee of 25.000 Ft, where we will show you everything in detail, explain everything and even help you set up your own restaurant system.


You can add more features and make your restaurant system even more complete based on your own specific needs. So you only pay for what you actually use.

You can choose from the following additional features:

Éttermi rendszer bővíthető funkciókkal

Table map module

Table map support, multi-payer support, bill pay

Éttermi rendszer bővíthető funkciókkal

Mobile waiter module

Your waiters can place their orders from their phone or tablet at the table. You only have to pay once for the feature, even if you want to use it on multiple devices (if you have multiple servers, you only pay for one).

Éttermi rendszer bővíthető funkciókkal

Scale based liquor inventory module

Quick and accurate stand placement. All you need is a phone, a cheap scale and a barcode, and the system will tell you how much drink is in the bottle in an instant. Blind tasting is also possible.

Éttermi rendszer bővíthető funkciókkal

Pre-bookings modulel

Fixing preliminary table bets. The restaurant system automatically books tables according to predefined priorities and displays the reservations on the table map in a timely manner.
DISCOUNT when ordering 2 extra modules!

Éttermi rendszer bővíthető funkciókkal

Foodora and Wolt integration module

Orders placed on Foodora or Wolt are automatically entered into your restaurant system. So you can see all your orders in one place.

Éttermi rendszer bővíthető funkciókkal

Flexible recipe and stock management module

You can add prescriptions, receipts and stocking at any time, even retrospectively, without time limits. Detailed analytics, profit analysis to help you make business decisions.

Éttermi rendszer bővíthető funkciókkal

Cash register integration module

With our cashier software, you can print the cash register receipt automatically, speeding up the payment process and avoiding possible errors that could result in a penalty in the event of a NAV audit.

Éttermi rendszer bővíthető funkciókkal

Home delivery, courier service

Instead of hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can have your own restaurant webshop for a small amount, which also manages takeaway, delivery and courier status

Éttermi rendszer bővíthető funkciókkal

Daily menu

Book your guests' orders for up to a week in advance, plan the purchase and manage daily preparation, payment, courier ordering and delivery.

Éttermi rendszer bővíthető funkciókkal


For a small fee, you can have your own restaurant webshop that handles orders from the web and mobile.
Get a DISCOUNT when you order 4 extra modules!

Éttermi rendszer bővíthető funkciókkal

New - On-site guest ordering

Let your guests order, even if only drinks, from their phones on the spot. Increase your revenue, reduce your costs.

Basic package

  • Cloud-based restaurant system
  • Regular backup
  • Over the counter sale (no table map)
  • Managing product variations
  • Over the counter receipt printing
  • Traffic statistics
  • Managing multiple users
  • Eligibility management
WARNING! We can only accept a limited number of new hosts!

Considering that from January 1st, more catering establishments will be required to provide data, many restaurant owners will be forced to introduce/switch to an NTAK-compatible system in the coming period, which is why the number of applicants is increasing significantly compared to usual. However, our capacity is limited. We are preparing for the increased tasks, but even so, it is questionable how many new restaurants and catering establishments we will be able to install and train the EatWithMe catering program in such a short time. We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible!

Hear the occasion! Surround yourself with tools that give you more time and capacity for the creative things you do best!

Just a few more steps and running your restaurant will be much easier

We can talk over the phone or by email about how your catering business works and exactly what features you need. If required, we can give you a live, online demonstration of the system in about an hour. This is what we usually recommend, as it gives you a complete picture of the restaurant software. We can also do the needs assessment here, in the online demonstration (demo).

Based on your needs assessment and after receiving your company details, we will prepare a personalised quote for you, including the hardware you require, which will be sent to you by e-mail. You review it (if you have any questions, we’ll discuss them) and you decide if you want to try EatWithMe Waiter. If you do, you can sign up for our convenient online quote and pay the initial fees by bank transfer.

We then create your own restaurant environment in the cloud. You now have your own virtual restaurant (without the hardware). Then you simply sign up to this system, log in and you’re ready to play around with your own dedicated catering software.

Once you have your own waiter software and access to it, we will start the online training, showing you how to use and manage the restaurant software in detail. This usually involves several sessions – typically two. After that you will be able to use the restaurant software routinely. And if you have any questions about the online restaurant software at any time later, we’ll be happy to answer them and help you, anytime. We won’t leave you with a product description to get you started, we’ll walk you through the process.

You can do it yourself. For simpler systems (smaller catering units with fewer features), it doesn’t take much time. However, for larger catering units, the catering software itself is more complex (e.g. there are several tables (layouts), there is recipe management). If you don’t want to spend time configuring the waiter software, you can ask us to do it for you and we will take the burden off your shoulders.

If you have ordered hardware equipment from us, we will then post or deliver the restaurant equipment you have ordered (e.g. terminal, computer, touch screen, tablet, printer, cash register). We will then remotely access and configure the printing functions for you. (We will remotely access your computer and set up everything you need to keep your waiter program running smoothly.)

If you feel you could use another short training session of about 15-30 minutes for the waiters, specifically on your ready-made system, that would be fine. It’s worth a bit of trial and error, but you’ll soon get used to the system and grow to like it. After that, you can go live, use it live and let the revenue roll in! 🙂

Take the first step towards your own restaurant system!

Book an appointment for an online presentation

Book yourself an appointment for a demo, a live online demonstration of our restaurant software:

Időpont foglalás éttermi rendszer demó bemutatóra
Időpont foglalás éttermi rendszer demó bemutatóra

If you have any questions before then, please email us at info@eatwithme.hu or call us on +36 30 / 269 87 91.

Request a quote

If you would like to request a quote without a demonstration, please submit your request here:

Időpont foglalás éttermi rendszer demó bemutatóra
Időpont foglalás éttermi rendszer demó bemutatóra

Some questions

that you may have wondered about our restaurant system

Our waiter programme provides secure and high availability for catering and restaurant owners from the start. In the event of a software system failure, a back-up system will take over the management of the catering software. With us, you can have maximum security in the software management of your restaurant, buffet, bar, café, nightclub.

Everyone now has access to mobile internet. In this case, just turn on the hotspot internet access on your mobile and connect to this internet network with your PSP devices. Life goes on. EatWithMe restaurant system software traffic is minimal, so you don’t have to worry about running out of mobile internet.

You can continue using EatWithMe catering software instantly and easily from your tablet or phone. Even though the kitchen itself stops working, it makes a difference whether you can charge your guests for the food and drinks you’ve already served, knowing exactly how much you’ve consumed, or whether you have to swallow hard and lose out on several 100,000 forints. With the EatWithMe restaurant programme, you don’t have to worry about that.

You can be prepared for this too. To do this, you need to have a contract with at least two internet service providers (e.g. one fixed and one mobile). You actively use the internet from one provider and ask the other for a mobile stick, which you insert into the router in your restaurant. If the internet goes down completely, you can use this mobile stick to switch the router automatically to the other internet service provider without your router noticing. Life goes on again 🙂

Of course! Our restaurant system is capable of both table-top AND simple, straightforward, counter-service (large cash register) sales. Or a combination of both is supported by the restaurant software. And our tablet + cash register only hardware solution is specifically designed for smaller restaurants with a small budget.

No. There is a one-off set-up and training fee of HUF 25,000 at the start. In addition, of course, you will need to buy the restaurant equipment (waiter software) that you will be using (you can get this from us or any other source). After that you really only have to pay the monthly fee.

No problem. If you entrust us with this task, we’ll do all the configuration of your restaurant software for you.

Yes. The EatWithMe catering software can handle multi-track orders in a very intelligent way. The content of labels and kitchen blocks is optimized for each kitchen track in our restaurant software. The labels highlight what needs to be prepared on which track. Starters, soups, main courses, desserts, all clearly separated. The EatWithMe restaurant software provides clear instructions to help you in the kitchen. With our restaurant software, you will always get exactly what your guests ordered. Fewer mistakes mean more satisfied guests. Which, of course, means more revenue.

Really! 🙂 You really don’t need to sync anything, just log in to your own restaurant system and you can see everything that’s happening in your restaurant. Even from the other side of the world.

Are there any questions you haven’t received an answer to? Then email us at info@eatwithme.online and we will respond within 1-2 working days. We are here for you.

Take the step you've been putting off for a better tomorrow now!

a more transparent, supportive system

more enthusiastic waiters

happier guests

more profit

The solutions that have been working as they are will not work for much longer. You can choose to moan and moan for another year or two and then close up shop for good, or you can level up and become effective.

You can’t say it’s expensive, because now you can see: you can get started for just a few 10,000 forints.

We will give you all the help you need. We will be with you all the way! Not just at the beginning. You are important to us in the long run.

You too can have a really trendy online restaurant system! Try it out!