Relieve yourself from the burden of operating the restaurant management system

Most of the traditional restaurant management system can only be installed and operated on site.

You don’t want to deal with operational safety anymore? Give us your trouble! Choose our cloud-based system and once and for all, relieve yourself from the burden of operating a server and focus on what you know the best and love.

By following the following next three simple steps one can gain much more than you ever thought is possible.

#1 Let us operate your system

Trust our IT experts to guarantee the operational safety.

#2 Outsource your system to the cloud

Access your orders, stock, etc. even on power outage or network error using a simple mobile access. The system will run even when you face local issues.

Access all your data real-time from everywhere through the browser or with the mobile provided app.

Let your waiters register the orders using smart-phones, tablets. There are no special requirements for the hardware.

#3 Take advantage from the several new features

Several new features become available as soon as everything is in the cloud. For example, let your guest interact with your restaurant even while being on-site. Let them place orders, call for the waiter, ask for the bill or even pay their bill. Build your own database of guest visiting your restaurant, learn about their habits and use it later for marketing purposes.