Detailed table-map on which one can easily follow the status of each table.

Easy to check if it is free or occupied or the status of the orders placed, whether they are under production or already delivered.

The layout can be changed at any point in time according to the needs, tables can be removed, added, deactivated, but one can switch between predefined layouts with one click.

The different colours represent certain status, blinking tables mark tables with outstanding state which requires action from the waiters. As a result one can check if everything is in order with a quick look on the screen.

Table occupation and ordering

Capturing multi-course orders was never such easy.

The customisation of the orders based on the guest’s requests are extremely simple while the system will also adjusts the price and also the inventory reductions accordingly.

Optimised order slips for each production lines

While the slips contain all the relevant information, the tasks to be executed by the give production line is enhanced in bold.

Appetiser, main-course, desserts are all in separated sections.

Registering payments

By registering the payments one can easily track the cash register, the tip received so proving an exact basis for reckoning with the employees about the financials at the end of the day.

Keep track of the raw materials/ingredients

The system automatically deducts the used raw materials based on the predefined receipts.

The calculations are precise even when changing the original meal by adding/removing optional additionals.

The stock changes can be regenerated even for the past, for example after revealing a mistake in a receipt or forgetting to register an incoming stock.

Detailed analysis

Track the revenue and profit margin realised on a given ingredient per each meal.

Change your menu and prices the way it really makes the desired impact.